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How it works

What is MoreLove?


We are a platform where people can anonymously share stories that have shaped their lives. We give people an outlet to share and connect, and hopefully create a mutual understanding for one another. Though sometimes it seems like it, we as people aren't all that different. The ability to randomly search and read about what someone else is going through is powerful! Come learn more and spread the love!

To write:

In the box below put your fingers to keys and let it fly! Writing is therapy and the final product doesn’t need to be perfected and polished. You can write about anything, what is trivial or mundane to one may be life changing to another!

Remember! You never know what someone else needs to hear right now. Every time you don’t click submit you could be denying someone else the chance to learn from your experiences. You are powerful and you have the ability to change someone’s life!

To search:

Just type in a number and learn from someone else! When you only interact within your own circles you deny yourself the ability to learn from those who are different than you. Go explore and learn from someone!

To share:

You can spread the love anyway you want! Tell people about us, link to our page, message in a bottle, send out a carrier pigeon with a note tied to its leg. Who cares! Remember that you have the power to change someone’s life for the better TODAY!

You can also check out our shop and get some clothing with individual numbers. Not only are you changing the world, but you get to look awesome doing it.

To partner:

We love to partner with organizations and put on special events so communities going through similar can spread the love and share with one another. You can see what our partnership with Miraval Resorts looks like here . Oh, you got a better idea? Let’s hear it and MAKE SOME MAGIC together!

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