Beyond Thankful For You MLT Community

I often get the question, “how did you think of MoreLove?” At which point, I sit back and think of the exact moment that More

Love Today actually became an idea. So here it is, I’ll paint the picture for you…

I don’t have a special story about coming from a tough background or a huge

overcoming experience that separates me from everyone else. What I do have is an amazing mother and a character

molded by my father, who was the greatest man I’ve ever known. My family is known by everyone in town and life as a kid

was pretty damn good. But there was maybe one unique thing in my family that prompted curiosity and the forever love of

connecting with people and hearing their stories. You see, my Dad had a boys group home. And for those of you that aren’t

familiar with that term, a group home is the place that children in the foster system live for an extended period of time. It’s

creates a sense of community for kids in the foster system that may not find themselves in the home of a specific family.

These kids would be in our home for around two years, and sometimes even up to nine years. What I learned growing up

around each of these kids is that every one of them had a story to tell.

Each kid from the group home came from a background that I could never imagine, their stories being completely different

from my own and the from any other kids in the group home. Their stories could make you laugh, cry and even cringe but,

the thing was, that when they shared their stories there was an instant connection made between them and my family. My

dad always had a saying “When he is at our home he is one of us, no matter what their past is.” The instant connection

made by simply sharing a piece of their story to a community ready to listen, ignited a sense of belonging in the home for

many of them, a witnessed experience I can hardly begin to put into words.

So, let me fast forward now to 2016, at which point I was working for a startup technology company. It is easy to assume

that my life had become extremely busy and, unfortunately, that meant I wasn’t visiting the group home as much as I would

have liked. But something else happened in July of 2016 that reopened my eyes to the need that people have to connect

with one another. That was the shooting in Dallas of July 2016. When I heard about the shooting, I called my good friend

that lives in Dallas and said, “What’s it like?”  He answered, “Ty I feel like no matter what I try to do, I can’t connect with

those around me and let them know that I want to be part of the solution not the problem.” That answer did not sit well with

me. I got off the phone with him and called an old co-worker of mine and she and I started talking about this. She could tell

that it was bothering me and that’s when we started brainstorming. I told her how I believe the best way to connect with

people, that I know of anyway, is sharing stories and having a mutual understanding. And that’s when it hit me! “Okay, if all I

know is that sharing stories helps people connect, then let’s figure something out to do that! Something to show people we

are in this together.” Boom. That’s when the idea of More Love Today was born. 

Now here we are, its 2019 (I know, it seems weird to say that already) and More Love Today has relaunched a new website

and platform. We are now partnering with major companies like Miraval to help people share their stories and connect with

one another. Our mission and core values stay the same, to give people an outlet to share, to connect, and the opportunity

to create mutual understanding. We have no idea what this platform is going to do. The question I get now is “So, what is

your vision for More Love Today?” And honestly, for the first time, we don’t have a vision. We have a mission. Our mission is

to help people Share and Connect. How we do that might be through partnerships and helping our partners give back to the

community, or through our direct platform. Or maybe, it’s something that we don’t even realize yet. At the end of the day, to

us at More Love Today it doesn’t matter, as long as we can help people share and connect with each other. And for me

personally, it has brought me back to my roots to a place where I am inspired and so thankful for everything our amazing

platform has taught me already!

- Ty D’Amore


Tyler Damore